6. – 7. 9. 2024


together with SBĚRATEL fair

Do you want to make a favourable purchase of gemstones, minerals, or jewels, or just to get some inspiration for your home creations? Visit the „Minerály a drahé kameny / Minerals and Gemstones sales fair“, where you will find dozens of traders from all over Europe!

The event takes place in the same venue as the „Sberatel / Collector fair“ – the largest meeting of collectors of post stamps, coins, postcards and other collector’s articles in Central Europe.

Moreover, you can have your own minerals and gemstones appraised for free at the „Minerály a drahé kameny / Minerals and Gemstones sales fair“, or have the quality and purity of your gold jewels checked by the Assay Office at the Collector fair. Independent experts from professional organizations, such as the Union of Czech Philatelists, Czech Numismatic Society, Club of Collectors of Phone Cards, or Museum of Securities, will also appraise your post stamps, coins, phone cards, or old securities.

You need just one ticket to visit both the „Minerály a drahé kameny / Minerals and Gemstones sales fair“ sales fair and the „Sberatel / Collector fair“.

And listen now!

Ladies and youths under 18 years of age are entitled to free admission to both events!

And the same applies to gentlemen who will register as members of our „Klan sběratelů / Clan of Collectors’“! In addition to free access to the fair, they will also enjoy a number of other perks: I want to register.

There are thousands of minerals and gemstones offered for sale on the internet, but only the fair gives you an opportunity to check their quality and origin directly at the trader.

So, treat yourself to a pleasant day, take your family and head for PVA Expo Fairground Prague!