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No border controls to the Czech Republic

Many new exhibitors and visitors of our International Trade Fair Collector (Sberatel) are asking about the border procedure when entering the Czech Republic by plane or car.


Please, take knowledge of absence of border. The borders of the Czech Republic are not subject to any passport or customs controls. Thus, the Czech border can be easily crossed without stopping just as is the case with the border between Germany and Austria or France and Belgium.


Since 27 December, 2007, the Czech Republic has been a member state of the Schengen Area, where all border controls have been cancelled. This is one of the reasons why organisers expect higher numbers of foreign visitors and dealers to the Collector fair.


Currency Exchange Rates

For your better orientation, we list today’s exchange rates for changing the crown into selected currencies. CZK Exchange Rate valid for 31.03.2020.

cny   1 CNY = 3,489 CZK
euro   1 EUR = 27,315 CZK
usd   1 USD = 24,759 CZK
gbp   1 GBP = 30,728 CZK